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C Coy, 5 RAR 1966/67 'boozer', sorry, I meant the recreation hut.

The recreation hut of C Company 5 RAR, was established in 1966 when the Australian Task Force Base became a more permanent and defendable area and we named it after ourselves as "The Mushroom Club". We were the Mushrooms, "kept in the dark and fed on Bulls#*t!"

Originally it was situated in a large mess sized tent, then later a more comfortable metal hut was built and became the meeting place for all those members who were not on duty.

"Some additional info on the Boozer, it was what is called a Kingstrand Hut, a single skinned aluminum prefab structure. It was at the centre of a great deal of controversy in the Coombs Report when it was used in the 1960 in some newly constructed Aboriginal communities as housing. It was found that the internal floor temperature was 10 degrees higher than in the traditional humpy.

Also as an aside, when the aggregate foundation was laid for our Boozer we found the skull of dead Nog, which had only recently be buried as it immediately attracted the blow flies. I guess he was an uninvited guest.

Tank Scheuermann"

The cartoon shown at the top of this page was created by Tom Davern's mate, Richard Martin for 'The Mushroom Club', to celebrate C Coy's introduction to South Vietnam. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Richard and also to award him an Honorary Membership of 'The Mushroom Club'. You can read the story of this event by clicking on the link to 'C Coy Bayonet Charge' in 'The Archives' on the Home Page.

You are invited to enter, grab yourself a beer, a 'goffer' or just a brew and see what is available in news, articles, photos and announcements.

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The Mushroom Club 1966/67

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