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Platoon Photos, Holsworthy Sept/Oct 1965

A few years ago Alex Bernotas sent me a photo of 7 Platoon, taken in September or October of 1965 while some of us were completing our Corps Training in the Battalion. I have put as many names to faces as I can and am hoping that we can find the rest of them

Abe Melki, who completed his Corps Traing with 8 Platoon at that time, has supplied me with a photo of the same era with surnames of all those shown.

After I uploaded the 7 and 8 Platoon photos I received an email from Russell Briggs with the 9 Platoon photo from that era.

So now all three Platoon photos are there, although there are still a few names missing, so any help will be appreciated.

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7 Platoon

7 Platoon

Back Row: Bill Parkes, Bob Deacon, Ron Dale, Barney Gee, Ken Ives, Unknown, Bill Cavanagh, Phillip 'Tits' Brazier, Paul Sullivan, Unknown, Russell Durrant.

Centre Row: Rick Anthony, Tom Case, Gary Townsend, David Benson, Tony Nieuwenhout, Paul Phillips, Murray Claydon, Warren Gosney, John Muir, Richard Coffey.

Front Row: Alex Bernotas, Mick Dwyer, Bruce Hubbard, Mick Bellingham, Urie 'George' Wolk, Heddick 'Dick' Erkelens, Kenneth Hall, Ralph 'Rowdy' Hindmarsh, Kelly ??, Pat Bunting, Robert Paice, Terry Christian, Darrel Benn, Mick McBride.

If anybody can add any names to this photo please contact me by using this Email Contact Form.

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8 Platoon

8 Platoon

Back Row: Kim Lane, Kenneth McKenzie, David 'Strech' Bryan, Warren Binney, Paul La Forest, John Ettridge, Tom Griffiths, ?? (Boots) Shew, Francis Dring, John Law, John Egan, Peter Seymour, Joe Devlin.

Centre Row: Dave Sharp, Doug Hillier, Ronald Mackie, Gordon Meredith, Bob Mahncke, K Davies, Clifford Dibden, John Skutelis, David Mellowship, Bill 'Spud' Murphy, Duncan Gordon, Kevin Borger.

Front Row: Martin Evans, ?? Downes, Peter Knight, Abe Melki, ?? Langley, Ted West, Keith Mavin, LT ?? Cameron, Blue Tong, Jock Douglas, Robert Wright, Robert Fletcher, John O'Callaghan, Trevor Bahnsen, Barry Ives.

If anybody can add any christian names to this photo please contact me by using this Email Contact Form.

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9 Platoon

9 Platoon

Back Row: Haydyn Dorrough, Paul Jones, Michael Noonan, Peter Slattery, David Seiffert, Ted Tuchin, John 'Boots' Buhagiar, Clive Mills, A Ravi, Mick Vizzone, David Goodman, Brian Griffin.

Centre Row: Andy 'Luigi' Fenech, ??, Ted Daley, Jimmy Webster, John Reynolds, Joseph Scafidi, ??, Michael Axelby, ??, Marinko 'Tich' Tomas, ??, ??, Russell Briggs.

Front Row: Robert Naismith, Robert Antonio, John Cole, Robert Meredith, Peter Blanch, Graham McCray, Derek Collins, Terry Tueno, Bernie Smith, ??, Errol Noack, Gary Towner, Ivan Kustreba.

As you can see there a lot of missing names for the 9 Platoon photo, so if you can help, please contact me by using this Email Contact Form.

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